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Thread: house or home

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    house or home

    what is the difference between house and home?

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    Re: house or home

    I thought I would have an easier time finding threads that discuss this.

    A house is a single building that people live in.

    A home is where you live, where you fee you belong, where you feel secure.

    You can stay in a house while you're visiting somewhere, but it's not your "home." On the other hand, you can have wonderful friends and when you visit their house, you DO feel like you're home. You have an emotional connection to your home, which can be a house, a flat, or even a small room in someone elses' house.

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    Re: house or home

    There is also an example for the difference. You can say my hometown (town where you were born) but you cannot say my housetown because it happens that this one is really not yours

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