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    reporting demands

    Please help me understand the following in bold.

    The expectation is that our work groups will function as interdependently as the brain does. We find more and more, though, that individuals and groups are working in isolation, or we work around each other to get our results. Individuals and groups that work collaboratively are lately the exception, not the rule. Why the shift away from collaboration? Shorter cycle times, more aggressive reporting demands, and keeping up with e-mail, voice mail, BlackBerries, and Palms force us into solitude.

    Thank you.

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    Re: reporting demands

    work around each other - do things independently of each other
    aggressive reporting demands - asking people to give status update more frequently

    Whereas before IT came along, managers were content with a monthly or quarterly status report, they now give their employees a Blackberry or other PDA and demand reports every hour, or after each customer visit, or whatever - on a 'more aggressive' schedule.


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