Please, could you correct my mistakes?

Following that natural resource luckily responsible of the life apparition on our planet, that resource which is so important that, through it occupies more than fifty percents of the total earth space, it causes several wars all around the world, you will discover a fabulous city. At the end of the Saint-Laurent river is situated that city, warm and welcoming at the same time because of its site and its inhabitants’’ behaviour towards visitors. Rimouski represents a mixed between urban and rural way of life: its inhabitants take advantage, everyday, of the fantastic landscape, with its fields as far as the eye can see, and the several public utilities which are offered there in many fields. In brief, I was and I’m always one of the lucky inhabitants of that marvellous and multitasking place.

It was in a little roundabout, which didn’t contain more than seven houses, that I spent the major part of my childhood. One of those family houses, a pink one with a magnificent apple tree in the back courtyard, sheltered my parents, my sister and me. Across the street lived a little girl, sharing my age, who became, from our first days of life, my best friend. Through the years, we shared our childhood, our life experiences, and we helped each other, trying to keep bad things from happening.

That roundabout was special; it had a certain power that nobody could describe. It was more than a street with homes all around, it was like a village: everybody knew the other and was arranged to help his neighbour if he would meet with that need. In other words, my neighbours were like another family for me, who I knew I could trust in!

After spending several beautiful years in that street, my family and me took the decision to turn over a new leaf: we moved in another neighbourhood, always in the city of Rimouski, where I discovered my real personality thanks to Claudia, a girl who has a heart of gold. It was by running in those streets with that marvellous young woman that I spent my adolescence.

There was in those fantastic atmospheres that I grew up…