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    Hi there,
    I have read an article and don't understand the underlined words or expression. Could you help?

    Those Darn Kidults! The Menace of Eternal Youth
    Judd Apatow neither wrote nor directed “Role Models,” the newest entry in the increasingly worn-out “boys will be babies until they are forced to grow up” school of arrested-development comedies. But he might as well have. Directed by David Wain (“Wet Hot American Summer”), it follows the silly misadventures of two flailing Peter Pans who are forced to do community service to avoid jail time.
    These superannuated brats, Wheeler (Seann William Scott) and Danny (Paul Rudd), are temperamental opposites. Wheeler is the same drooling skirt chaser, with the same idiotic grin, that Mr. Scott played in the “American Pie” movies. Danny is a whining, misanthropic underachiever who realizes he is in an occupational rut but is too depressed to do anything about it.


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    Re: questions

    worn-out- this idea has been used so often that it has lost its appeal and interest
    arrested-development- has not matured, behaves badly and irresponsibly, etc
    flailing- moving around without direction or goal (I think)
    drooling skirt chaser- to drool is to let saliva out of your mouth, like a dog when there's food, so it's someone who cannot control their sexual urges
    whining misanthropic-complains a lot and has a negative view of people
    in a rut- stuck in a dull lifestyle

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