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  1. welldone

    "Many" and "much"

    Dear teachers,

    I am a bit confused about these two words. I was told by my teachers that use "many" with countable noun, while "much" with uncountable ones.

    First, is that true?
    Second, if that's true, then what about this:

    "I didn't see much difference"

    Why don't we say "I didn't see many difference"?

    Something must be wrong here

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: "Many" and "much"

    'Difference' can be both countable and uncountable:

    I don't see much difference
    I don't see many differences

  3. welldone

    Re: "Many" and "much"

    Didn't notice that before...

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    Re: "Many" and "much"

    If you go to you will find an exercise on"Many & Much. this will make it clear to you.
    Good luck


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