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    Dear Teachers please help me as soon as you could

    Dear teachers please help me to correct my motivation letter.Thanks in advance.

    Here is my motivation letter :

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to apply for Programs Paris Tech - Fondation Renault. It would be great to be a competent candidate in those fields.
    I have graduated in industrial Engineering from ----University ---(The top ranking University in –MY COUNTRY--) in summer 2004.With regard to my Resume and enclosed Certificates, I have enough work experiences in different branches of Industrial engineering and I did some projects related to my field of study. Also I have suitable trainings such as FESTO'S training, Nastran Modeling Software, etc. and six month training course about Turning device Designing in FIAT Co. in ITALY . Also I have enough skill in related softwares like Nisa, Auto Cad, etc.
    Every one knows that transportation is the one of the main parts of development.
    Therefore developing countries such as –MY COUNTRY-- should improve it as much as they could.

    Unfortunately –MY COUNTRY-- has not an advanced transportation system especially in railway systems but in this decade some changes have been started. I extremely like to be one of those people who could influence on these changes in a right way.
    As you know French company have a great participation in producing of passenger cars in –MY COUNTRY-- and I think it can be developed in the other branch of transportation such as railways and aviation industries. I chose French companies because they already were successful in –MY COUNTRY-- and it is obvious that they can improve their attendance in the other branches of transportation especially railways.
    Last summer after I heard about this course by your previous student I made my decision, I quit my job and now it is near 4 months that I am reading French 8 hours a day with a private teacher.
    My program is focusing on historical, economic and industrial relations. I assume to spend my study abroad in France and it should be necessity for my future career. In addition France is a country which attracts me, due to its culture, its growing economy, but also the mentality of people who live there. I have discussed with several students who have studied on the French Universities and all came back delighted, and assure me they enriched themselves in both a personal and professional way.
    I welcome opportunity to learn another one language. Study in French would ease me understanding of this country and its local people and help me to create closer relation with professors and students. Furthermore I consider this program as a great opportunity to get in touch with French culture and industrial systems.
    I hopefully send my documents to be accepted in Programs Paris Tech - Fondation Renault and I would appreciate for your consideration in advance.
    Sincerely yours,

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    Re: Dear Teachers please help me as soon as you could

    Ferpect Edit - Your knowledgeable and considerate post stirs this antisocial soul into some semblance of cordiality to say something like 'welcome to the forum'.
    If I understand the inspiration behind your handle, I suspect there is some mischievous good humour ready to be unleashed...or at rock bottom, I have my hope.

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