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  1. Achu.j



    can you explain the smiles i these lines

    1, My yellow shirt would
    fill up like a sail
    and flap
    tugging my criss crossed
    wooden bones and me
    towards seas of cloud

    2. Inside a rose is a kingdom of
    rubies like red raindrops

    3. My hair is like an ocean with
    cal waves tat flow on a beach

    4. As a garden grows with flowers
    English grows with words
    Words that have secret powers
    Words that give joy like bride

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Similes

    When asking this kind of question, giving your source really does help!

    The first one is from the poem "If I were a kite" by Jaquleine Sweeney.

    Kites have a simple skeleton of crossed wooden pieces, over which are laid light paper skins. As the kite is filled with wind, so it lifts from the ground and rises.

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