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Thread: make up the bed

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    make up the bed


    - make up the bed
    - make the bed
    Do these two mean the same?

    Excerpt from 'The House at Sugar Beach In Search of a Lost African Childhood ' -
    "I say, it's too hard to find good help these days," Tello said, crossing her legs as she sat on the couch with her doll propped in her lap. "I told Gladys to make up the bed, and you know wha' she did? Cleaned the cupboard instead!" - What's your New Year's resolution?
    "Other than the 'lose 20 pounds' resolution that I've had for the last decade, my new year's resolutions are: Make the bed every day (I'll be starting over on this one tomorrow) and to incur no late fees (videos, library books, credit card payments)."

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    Re: make up the bed

    (Not a teacher)

    The two phrases you cite mean the same thing. "Make the bed" is probably used used more often- "make up the bed" sounds somewhat informal or rustic. "Make up the bed" may also suggest that you put various items together to create a resting place.

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    Smile Re: make up the bed

    I'm not a teacher, either, but I also think that make the bed is the same as make up the bed. That up is just for emphasis, to urge someone to finish something, as it is in:

    Drink (up) your milk. = Drink your milk completely.
    Eat (up) your dinner. = Eat your dinner completely.

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