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    isolated // cut off


    Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
    Certain patients must be isolated from the others in a separate ward.

    Can I use "cut off" in place of "isolated"?

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    Re: isolated // cut off

    (Not a teacher)

    I wouldn't use "cut off" in place of "isolate" in this instance, although one of its meanings is certainly "to isolate." "Cut off" strikes me as beng more dramatic, and is often used in a military context:

    Our regiment was cut off from the rest of the force by a sudden enemy attack.

    Let's cut 'em off at the pass! (A famous expression from old cowboy films)

    To "cut off the patients" almost has a cruel connotation.

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    Re: isolated // cut off

    In a medical context, it must be "isolate" = to set apart from others in order to prevent contamination or infection.

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