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Thread: call waiting

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    call waiting

    Dear experts,

    While you are on the telephone, another call comes in.....
    Which of the following is correct:

    I've got call waiting.
    I've got a call waiting.

    Also, when you ask someone for email address on his/her cell phone, could you say:

    Can I have your text (message) address? OR, any better way??

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: call waiting

    For your first question I would say:

    "I've got a call waiting."

    For your second question, I wouldn't really phrase it that way, text message address just sounds awkward. I know I would never say anything like that.

    I would be specific in which I was referring to (the person's email address or cell phone number").

    So the probably best way to phrase it would either be:

    "Could I get your e-mail address?"
    "Could i get your cell phone number?"
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    Re: call waiting

    "I'm getting another call. Can you hold on or can I call you back?"
    "I'm getting another call, so let me say 'goodbye' and we'll talk soon."

    I'd never say "I have a call waiting" - "call waiting" is the name of the feature, but not how I'd refer to the call.

    {not a teacher}

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