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    Question what does this mean: contextual significance?

    I am not sure...

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    Re: what does this mean: contextual significance?

    Without context, that something said or written has an relevance within the full context.

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    Re: what does this mean: contextual significance?

    Quote Originally Posted by hugsandkisses View Post
    I am not sure...
    Contextual significance is the importance of context in determining a meaning. But even that definition is not necessarily valid without context.
    It could also mean the significance of a certain fact in determining the context.

    Some utterances might be readily understandable and other factors not have much contextual significance. For example, "I'm going to bed now" would generally not need much context for one to understand the intended meaning.
    However, if you were at work and said that, the context would become significant in determining the meaning. If you then said, "I have a migraine headache, I'm going home to bed", this element of context would have great significance.
    Therefore "contextual significance" could also relate to how significant a fact is to the context of an utterance. The fact that you are unwell has great contextual significance. The fact that it is Wednesday probably has no contextual significance for your utterance.

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