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    What is "cherry on top"?

    A child commented on a event that a famous roller coaster will be closing down to build a new and scarier ride there.

    "It depends. If it's really scary with a cherry on top, no way. But if it's scary without the cherry on top, I'm a fan!"

    what does the sentence "If it's really scary with a cherry on top, no way"?

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    Re: What is "cherry on top"?

    If you order a 'sundae' in an American ice cream shop, you get ice cream, a layer of a sweet flavored sauce, possibly a layer of fruit, a layer of whipped cream, some chopped walnuts and, the crowning touch: 'a cherry on top'.
    When the child said, 'scary with a cherry on top', she or he was saying, 'if it is scary to the extreme, if the engineers build in every possible scary element, then, no thanks.'
    People also use 'with a cherry on top' in the expression, 'Pretty please with a cherry on top,' which is a way of adding emphasis in asking a favor:
    "May I go to the party, Mommy? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?"
    It might be used like this, too: "My boss is so particular about the way I do my work. She wants every report formatted just so, and in special folders, presented beautifully with a cherry on top."

    I hope this is helpful,

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