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    Aisle x Corridor / Change x Move

    The job you have done is the best one I have already seen. Congratulations.

    I was wondering if you could help me with some doubts:

    1. Can I use "aisle"to talk about (corredor de ônibus, avião). For example: I want an aisle seat.
    What about the word "corridor"? Should I use it to talk about houses and buildings?

    2. When I want to say: "Vamos trocar os pares" or "Vamos trocar os lugares", can I say: "Let's change places/pairs"???

    3. What does "blond thang"mean?

    Thank you so much.


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    Re: Aisle x Corridor / Change x Move

    1a. I want an aisle seat. (OK)
    1b. I want a corridor seat. (Not OK) houses and buildings

    2a. Let's change places. (OK)
    2b. Let's change pairs. (Not OK)

    Also, "Let's switch."

    3. "blond thang" ('blond' refers to people with blond hair. 'thang' is slang for "thing". The thing, whatever it is, is what only blond people do or understand.

  3. Susie Smith

    Re: Aisle x Corridor / Change x Move

    You can use corridor for the hallways in buildings and houses.

    Try "change partners" for "trocar pares".

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    Re: Aisle x Corridor / Change x Move

    Use aisle in a formal restricted setting - church, airplane, theatre. Also "walk down the aisle" = get married in church.

    Corridors connect places - apartments, cities "63 corridor" means a connecting highway with its attached infrastructure in Dallas, TX, "the south/east corridor" political connection, a fire corridor gets cuts between forrests to keep fires from jumping


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