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    Help!! Why "don't have" instead of "haven't" + forms of have (neg)

    I've got to re-submit an assignment and this is the only point I've got to re-submit on.
    It's an error question, a student has said
    "I haven't usually breakfast in the morning"
    My lecturer has put in my note that i need to " be more specific about how you would clarify the two different form of have".

    What does this have to do with the original question? Help. I'm confused!!

    Here's my original draft on this question,

    1. “I haven’t usually breakfast in the morning”
    Sentence should read: “I don’t usually have breakfast in the morning”.
    Subject + do (neg) + frequency adverb + verb
    Student has used have as a main and auxiliary verb, instead of have for the main and
    do (negative) for the auxiliary. An L1 interference problem encountered by native
    Italian speakers as they tend to confuse auxiliary and full verb forms of have, and
    their equivalent of do often corresponds to the English full* verb of have.
    In order to correct this I would probably pre-*teach the grammar structure, giving
    incorrect sentences and asking Ss to correct them, and then present the Ss with a gap*
    fill exercise.
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    Re: Help!! Why "don't have" instead of "haven't" + forms of have (neg)

    Hi parkerdrums

    As a Brit, but not a teacher, is the teacher looking for:
    "I haven't usually had breakfast in the morning"?

    This uses the main verb "to have" and the auxilliary verb "to have"

    Hope I've understood it correctly.

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    Re: Help!! Why "don't have" instead of "haven't" + forms of have (neg)

    Dear Parkerdrums:

    The 'have' in 'have breakfast' is not an auxiliary. In your sentences
    to have = to eat.

    'To have breakfast' = 'to eat breakfast' (which you already know), so perhaps it would help you see the correct structure if you changed the sentence to :

    "I don't usually eat breakfast in the morning."

    This might make it easier to see that you can say,

    I do have breakfast. (I do eat breakfast.)
    I don't have breakfast. (I don't eat breakfast.)
    but not,
    I haven't breakfast.

    It would be perfectly okay to say, "I usually have no breakfast in the morning. (I usually eat no breakfast in the morning.)

    All best wishes,

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