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    three signatures on a letter

    how do you write a letter with three signatures?

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    Re: three signatures on a letter


    What I would personally do would be to draw 3 lines across the page, at the same level, one in the middle, one towards each side, with their names (& possibly job titles, if appropriate) typed below the lines and the people concerned sign on the line above their name.

    Hope this helps

    PS It's often used in the case of delegations of authority, which both the person concerned and their delegate(s) sign.

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    Re: three signatures on a letter

    In AmE, the traditional business letter format is to list the various signatures flush with the left margin, in order of title/hierarchy:


    C. Montgomery Burns

    Wayland Smithers
    Senior Vice President

    Homer Simpson
    Chief Engineer

    (Leaving enough spaces in between for their actual signatures, of course.)

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