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    please help me out

    Is that okay to use "trend" after the word "monopoly"?

    Does the word big shot often used in articles?

    "While Apple is not taken means of a compulsory purchase, but a series of measures to make many products can not compete with the normal, leading them to a certain region alone. All the signs indicate Apple's ambition on ruling the electronic market." Does this paragraph okay?

    Could we say "secret weapon" by meaning it's something unknown but powerful?

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    Re: please help me out

    (Not a teacher)

    "Monopoly trend" is more likely to be used in the form "a trend towards monopolies."

    Yes, "big shot" (someone who is powerful and influential or thinks he is) appears frequently in articles and films. It is often used sarcastically: "Well, look at the big shot now."

    I can't quite understand your meaning in the first sentence of your paragraph. The second sentence is good; I'd replace "on ruling" with "to rule."

    A secret weapon often has the attributes you give: unknown (except to those developing or using it) and powerful, although it's not necessarily dangerous. It may or may not remain unknown after its use. It need not be an offensive weapon- a new type of radar could be a secret defensive weapon. It doesn't even have to be in physical form to be powerful: "His secret weapon with women is his fantastic personality."
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