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    Smile Please Check My Essay!

    In my opinion, education should be free. There are a number of social and economic results for free education in many countries.

    First of all, free education that means everyone can access school and library resort even if they are rich or poor people. Everyone will be able to develop their reading and writing skills. As result social will became more eco and their less social disadvantages.

    Secondly, there are economic advantages to free education if everybody can develop their skills and knowledge; they will become more productive worker. This is good for the countries economy .it is equal make us more internationality competitive with other countries.

    Thirdly, free education means that will became more social harmony as people learn about each other differences including religions and cultures differences .They will became more tolerant and more understanding society complex.

    In conclusion, society and economic result or advantages of free education are over warning .these people can develop knowledge and skills, they will be more tolerant, more productive and the society will became more eager to learn more and more.

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    Re: Please Check My Essay!

    In my opinion, access to an education should be free.

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    Re: Please Check My Essay!

    Where I'm from it's free to get an education..

    But because of my country is so small we often go to other countries to study, and we go there we get money to study and live/eat for :) whats the problem guys? heheh

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