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    for the better / best

    The weather is changing for the better / best.

    Which form is normally used?

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    Re: for the better / best

    Not a teacher.

    I would use "for the better" in this case.

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    Re: for the better / best

    Hi thedeebo, can you think of any examlpes when you would use for the best, please?

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    Re: for the better / best

    Sure. If I had to make a sacrifice of some kind, but I knew that it would make things better later, I might say to myself, "It's all for the best."

    That usage is really the most predominant (maybe only?) use of "for the best" that I can think of.

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    Re: for the better / best

    Do you mean "changing for the best"?

    I found a surprising number of hits for this - in the page that I glanced through, I would have used "changing for the better" for all of them.

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    Re: for the better / best

    Well that's interesting. We would use "for the better" over here in SoCal. I obviously can't speak for the whole US. I guess either way would work.


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