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    What are the meaning of the phrases:
    Strike a Light

    Stone the Crows

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    Re: question

    Strike a light is an expressive term but I am not quite sure of its meaning but for the other idiom see below quote:

    Stone the crows! (British & Australian, informal, old-fashioned): Something that you say in order to show that you are very surprised. So she's a film director now. Well, stone the crows!

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    Re: question

    'stone the crows' is very Australian, and is an expression of surprise, or of annoyance.

    'strike me pink' is another meaning the same.

    strike me!
    strike me lucky!

    are also expressions of surprise or exasperation and are a kind of very, very mild expletive euphemisms (swearing), along the lines of 'may God strike me dead'.

    BUT - don't expect to visit Sydney and hear such expressions: they are more a part of Australian folklore...and music hall and radio history, lost in the swirl of migrants from England, and non-English speaking countries. Maybe still in the Outback; but Australia changed++++, became more 'sophisticated' in its outlook...with its irreverence stifled by PC and every other form of rule and regulation. You're much more likely to hear straight out XXXX language.
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