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    centre of/central Italy

    Hi, can I say:
    1)I live in a town in the centre of Italy
    2)I live in a town in central italy
    3)I live in a town in the middle of Italy

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    Re: centre of/central Italy

    All are fine.

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    Re: centre of/central Italy

    You can use all three of these as equivalent, but the meanings may vary slightly, depending on how fine you want your definitions to be.

    "I live in a town in the center of Italy" means you live in a town at or fairly near the geographic center of the country.

    "I live in a town in central Italy" means you live somewhere in the central region of the country, which is less precisely defined than the "center." As Italy is relatively narrow, even a coastal resident may live in "central" Italy.

    "I live in the middle of Italy" can have a couple of connotations, in my opinion. "Middle" can be a rough equivalent of "center" (but less rigorously defined). But it may also mean along one of the axes bisecting Italy, where one is equidistant from each side of the country (e.g., even in the extreme south one is in the "middle" if he is midway between the coasts.

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