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    Question Urgent correction required - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello! My name is Elena and I am from Russia
    I really need your help with checking my CV in English. I’ve lost my job because of the financial crisis and now I am trying to get a new job in the foreign company
    I would appreciate your help!!!

    Here is a bit from my CV:

    Long-term career plans: Professional growth in a world class company
    Desired vacancy: Financial analyst
    Work schedule: Full-time

    Over six years of work experience in banking sector,
    experience in sales and marketing,
    managerial abilities,
    leadership experience,
    good negotiating skills,
    presentation experience,
    experience in accounting and reporting,
    deep knowledge of lending procedures and further monitoring,
    experience in managing the department’s operations on mortgage lending from scratch


    Commercial Bank “………” LLC
    Affiliate Office in St.-Petersburg

    Chief of Mortgage Lending Department/
    Deputy Head of Retail Business Division

    Main responsibilities:
    - supervising the matters of private lending (mortgage, auto lending, consumer lending) in the affiliate;
    - managing operations on lending;
    - contributing to the growth of client base;
    - negotiations with representatives of the appraisal, insurance and development companies accredited by the bank;
    - presentations of the bank’s lending programs to real estate agencies and mortgage brokers;
    - consulting the bank’s clients and partners on loan issue and loan support;
    - control and analysis of the loan approval process and the credit transaction;
    - continuous monitoring of retail market;
    - preparation of reports

    Head of Retail Business Department Mortgage Section

    Main responsibilities:
    - development of mortgage lending in the affiliate;
    - managing sales activities via different channels;
    - managing operations on mortgage lending;
    - customer relationship management;
    - developing relations with appraisal, insurance and development companies

    JSCB “………” OJCS
    Affiliate Office in St.-Petersburg

    Lending Department Chief Specialist (Front Office)

    Main responsibilities:
    - leading a team of loan managers (mortgage, consumer lending);
    - managing operations on lending;
    - review and analysis of materials justifying borrowing demand;
    - preparation of materials on credit arrangements for the affiliate credit committee;
    - credit transactions support;
    - supervising the matters of advertising and promotion of the bank’s mortgage programs

    Lending Department Leading Specialist (Back Office)

    Main responsibilities:
    - execution of credit agreements with retail and corporate customers;
    - recording and control of credit and interest on credit repayments;
    - control of credit agreements implementation;
    - creation of reserves on bad debts in accordance with established procedure;
    - preparation of internal reports and reports to the Head Office;
    - processing and support of securities transactions

    OJSC “………… Bank”
    Affiliate Office “OPERU…”

    Account Manager (Corporate Banking)
    Main responsibilities:
    - identifying and meeting VIP-customers’ needs;
    - managing existing accounts;
    - preparation of reports

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: Urgent correction required - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello again!

    I want to thank Mary for her help!

    Good luck to all of you!


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