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Thread: Whre's the log?

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    Whre's the log?

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the meaning of the expression in bold in the following excerpt from an entertainment news?

    British director Ridley Scott says he is teaming up with Australian actor Russell Crowe, who he directed in "Gladiator," for a tougher version of "Robin Hood."
    Scott said his vision for Robin Hood is to reinvigorate the popular story that has been adapted to the big screen many times, The Sunday Times of London reported….
    …"Otherwise, people will say: 'Where's the log?'" Scott told the Times, referring to his plan to feature the popular fight between Robin Hood and his future cohort Little John.

    I know that “log” among other things means “record kept of the use of an item, often for internal control purposes.” The log may include information about data, time-in and time-out, the use of the item, and the reason for use.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: Whre's the log?

    One of the favourite stories about Robin Hood is when he first meets Little John and Will Scarlett. They meet, either side of a stream, which has a log across acting as a bridge. Each asks the other to move aside and allow him to pass first, and each declining to do so, they have a fight with staves (long poles), whilst balancing on the log. Long John is taller and much brawnier than Robin, so that it is Robin who ends up in the water. They both laugh, Long John and Will join Robin's band of merry men in Sherwood Forest, and have many merry adventures, all now traditional. So - to make a new "invigorated" film version of Robin Hood but NOT have the fight on the log, would be a kind of betrayal of tradition, and leave the audience gasping, "Where's the log? Where's the log scene? What story is this because it's not OUR Robin Hood." (The last comment is what I would be saying if they dared leave it out!!)

    In effect, he is saying that while he intends to 'invigorate' the story and perhaps make Robin more macho than as portrayed by Richard Todd, Richard Greene, and Kevin Costner, he will not be tampering with tradition and changing the actual story too much.
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