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    Hi there,
    Please proofread this

    The computer can help us in our study.


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    Re: help

    (Not a teacher)


    The sentence sounds fine. If you say, "The computer may help us in our study," you introduce uncertainty- perhaps the computer won't be helpful.

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    Re: help

    Hi there,

    How about 'in their studies' since 'their'?


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    Re: help

    Dear Peter123,

    If I hear, 'The computer can help us in our study,' I expect to hear more, such as, 'The computer can help us in our study of statistics.' or 'The computer can help us in our study of current trends in economic theory.'
    If you were to write, 'The computer can help us in our studies,' it would seem complete.

    Saying 'the computer' in this way means 'computers in general'.

    To use the word their you would have to write, 'The computer can helpthem in their studies.'

    I hope this is helpful,

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    Re: help

    In our study of the mating habits of the Amazon red-breasted Oo-ah bird, we...

    The computer can help us with our (school) studies.


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