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    missing pronoun?

    Here is a passage from a local newspaper:

    "[Name of the corporation] is asking employees world-wide, including at its headquarters and fabrication plant.......]

    My question: 1)Is a pronoun "those" missing after including? Or is the omission grammatical? 2)Should "at" be taken out of the sentence for the clause "including its headquarters and fabrication plant" to modify "world-wide". I appreciate any help, thanks.


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    Re: missing pronoun?

    First, worldwide is one word, not two, despite the corruption spawned by www (world-wide web).

    Yes, there should be a those in there: "including those [employees] at...." Its omission is acceptable only because it is implied, but to be clear, it should be there.

    No, you cannot leave out the at. To do so would suggest you are asking plants and headquarters for their opinions, and bricks and mortar have no opinions.

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