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    electronic surveillance

    Many cameras are installed on poles on the street in order to take pictures of cars that travel over the speed limit.
    Law says that before every camera there must be a sign warning the driver about it (because the citizen has the right to know that he/she is under surveillance, bla, bla, bla).
    What would such sign say if this situation took place in an English-spoken country, please? "Electronic Surveillance"?

    PS. Could you please also correct the text above? Thanks again.
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    Re: electronic surveillance

    (Not a teacher)

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Sentence 2: Put the article "the" before "law." Can you more precisely state the position of the warning sign? "Before the camera" doesn't quite specify its location-on a pole in front of it, above or below it?

    Sentence 3: Put the article "a" before "sign." Change "English-spoken" to "English-speaking." The word "please" probably should be removed.

    I don't know if there is a standard warning sign in the U.S. or whether such signs are even required. I believe I have seen "camera-controlled intersection" or "intersection monitored by camera."


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    Re: electronic surveillance

    Traffic Control Cameras

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