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    teaching pre intermediate class how to write an apology


    i need some help as i am all out of ideas and have to plan a lesson for monday morning which shows my pre int class how to write an apology. I have to think of an interesting way to get them to use the languagein the lesson. Any ideas would be gratefully received!!


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    Re: teaching pre intermediate class how to write an apology

    Perhaps give them several different scenarios and ask them to compose an apology appropriate to each one.

    For example, a formal apology: They misbehaved in school but their behavior was misinterpreted. Maybe they impulsively kissed a classmate on a dare, and now they are being charged with "sexual harassment." They must write a formal letter to the school administration explaining that their actions were all in fun and not meant to be abusive or harmful.

    An informal apology: They accepted an invitation to a friend's birthday party, and for some reason did not attend. They write a note with an explanation (I was sick, my mom wasn't home and couldn't drive me there, my family had to go out of town at the last minute, etc) and a sincere apology for missing the festivities.

    A casual apology: One of their school friends suddenly snubs them, and they don't know why. They write a short note to hand to them in class or slip into their locker: "Did I do something to offend you? If so, I apologize...." That sort of thing.

    Hope this was of some help.

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    Re: teaching pre intermediate class how to write an apology


    Thanks so much for your advice. I've been struggling with this all day! How would you suggest i actually highlight the language used when writing an informal apology note? The only language specific to an informal apology note i can think of would be the variations of 'i'm sorry' ( i'm really sorry, i'm so sorry)? I have set contexts like this for writing lessons in the past, therefore, i'm not sure the assessor will consider this to be an 'interesting' way to use the language??

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    Post Re: teaching pre intermediate class how to write an apology

    Thanks for having the opportunity to learn and improve upon my english language.

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