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Thread: which who that

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    which who that

    I'm trying to advise am English learner of the correct word to use in the following sentence:

    a I heard a story about a dog which could talk
    b I heard a story about a dog who could talk
    c I heard a story about a dog that could talk

    Which one is correct and more importantly WHY?

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    Re: which who that

    Even if the dog can talk, how far do you wish to take this anthropomorphism? All the way, if you use 'who' !

    That leaves the difference between 'that' and 'which', a frequent post in this forum. I will PM the clarification to you, rather than quadruplicate this in the forum. Suffice it that "that/which could talk" is a restrictive (versus non-restirctive) clause, as it defines/identifies a particular dog, as opposed to merely adding some extra information.
    Restrictive clauses are introduce with 'that'
    Non-restrictive are introduced with ', which"

    Hence, "...about a dog that could talk."


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