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    To native speakers: where/when

    I walked into the garden, _______ Tom and Jim were tying a big sign onto one of the trees.
    A. which B. when C. where D. that
    The question above is taken from one of China's province's 2005 college entrance examination paper. The given answer is C. I'd like to know if we can also use 'when (= while)' for the answer.

    I'd like to treat 'walked into' as a short action, and this is my reason:

    Martin Hewings' ADVANCED GRAMMAR IN USE (Cambridge University Press, 1998), unit 95:
    The doorbell rang, as/when/while Dave was eating.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: To native speakers: where/when

    You could fill the blank with as or while, but as these were not options, the only correct choice would be where.

    You might think you could use when, but not with the comma there. If you took out the comma, you could use when.

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