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    Lettter to a principal

    I need to write a letter a the principal of my niece where I explain the PTA director "misplace" if you can call it that way the money of fundraiser and my sister had to pay it again.

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    Re: Lettter to a principal

    Try to write the letter yourself and someone will read it and help you fix any errors.

    It seems you want to accuse the person of stealing the money. If you don't think that's what happened, then don't say "misplaced, if you can call it that."

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    Re: Lettter to a principal

    I don't want to accused for stealing but I do want to make clear somebody make a mistake, the PTA was really disorganized and cost her a lot of money.

    I will take your advise and write the letter and post it. Thank You

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    Re: Lettter to a principal

    Here is my letter please make the necessary corrections

    Thank You for all your help

    November 19, 2008

    Back on September 2008 the school had the Christmas fundraiser book. My son was one the top seller of the first grader.

    At the time to pick up all the merchandise took more than 45 minutes to locate my son package, then I was advice he has an outstanding balance. I did request to see the paperwork where shows copies of the checks and the worksheet for the cash money records, and again wait for almost 20 minutes. They did provide me with the copies of the check but the trace paperwork for the cash money was not there.

    I did get together with my son teacher and the PTA Director to try to figured what happen with the cash, really sad to say, I didnít get a straight answer or any records how they collect and record the cash money.

    I had to pay the money again to get the merchandize to the people who place the order.

    I do really appreciate if you can provide me with the records of how the money was handled and who was the person in charge to try to figure this mistake.


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