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    Question Multiple Recipients of a Letter

    How do you adress a formal leter to more than one recipient

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    Re: Multiple Recipients of a Letter

    List their names individually on the envelope and the inside address, each name on a separate line unless they are married and have the same last name and she uses Mrs.:

    Mr. Don Jones
    Ms. Mary Jones
    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Smith
    Dr. & Mrs. Bill Doodad
    [Don't put their addresses here if they are different]

    Dear Colleagues,
    Dear Friends,
    Dear Members,
    Dear Whatever it is that relates them,

    If it's only two names, you can repeat them in the Dear line.
    If it's two married men, for example (I am from Canada!), or unmarried men, or any two men with the same titles it would be

    Mr. Bill Jones
    Mr. Don Smith
    123 Main Street
    Toronto ON M5V 1T2

    Dear Bill and Don,
    -or- if it's very formal (you are going to sue them)
    Dear Mssrs Jones and Smith,

    Two brothers:
    Mssrs Don and Bill Smith
    123 Main St
    Toronto ON M5V 1V4

    Dear Don and Bill,

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    Re: Multiple Recipients of a Letter

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    How do you address a formal ledter to more than one recipient
    If the same letter is to go to multiple recipients, each person has their own letter. You can indicate that it is sent to other people by putting at the end, after the signature line, cc AAAAA, BBBBB, CCCCCC, DDDDD
    [listing all the other recipients]

    If it is a "round robin" or some kind of formal invitation being sent to a large number of people, there is no need to indicate any other recipient.

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