Assignment is: Compare and contrast.
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Nature is like the universe, and it is covered with countless mysterious things and history. What is nature? Questions lead us to these two essays. “Excerpts from Nature”, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the second one is “Against Nature” by Joyce Carol Oates. In these two pieces, there are difference meanings and claims. “Excerpts from Nature” points out that value leads to perfecting. However, “Against Nature” had a different fact and definition claiming that nature is not wonderful. In Emerson’s essay, nature is wonderful, unique and plays an important role in human life. The ideal of perfection and every natural action is graceful. Meanwhile, nature also has its own evil side as claimed by Oates. In “Against Nature”, the author also praises nature as being great but, nature also has a bad side. Emerson and Oates have similar points but their different view on nature set them apart.
Nature has given us an unlimited resource of wealth and beauty. Emerson claims, “A leaf, a sunbeam, a landscape, the ocean, make an analog impression on mind. What is common to them all,-that perfectness and harmony, is beauty. Nothing is quite beautiful alone: nothing but beautiful in the whole” (Emerson 363). Nature had created a magnificence world. God has given us a chance to live and to see the exclusivity of nature. Nature had concluded many unique and remarkable thing, a horizon of landscape and the blueness of water. Looking closely, nature beauty is has long been a common theme in life and art. People have viewed nature in different ways. The wilderness is generally defined as a natural environment, and wilderness areas are considered to be an integral part of the planet's home and food for many different wild animals such as: dear, bear, tiger. Also, the landscape of nature is the most amazing thing that has created many romantic scenes for many lovers.
In contrast, nature is not as perfect as we think. Oates states,” The raccoon, mad with rabies, frothing at the mouth and tearing at his own belling with his teeth, so that his intestines spill out onto the ground… a sight I seem to remember though in fact I did not see. I’ve been told I did not see” (378). Nature has a dark side; nature itself. Terrible images in nature prove that nature is not always perfect. Without any consequence or knowledge, why is this raccoon doing such thing to its own body? Furthermore, nature has no power to control its own destruction.
Moreover, beautiful always overlaps ugliness. Emerson said,“The show of day, the dewy morning, the rainbow, mountain, orchards in blossom, stars, moonlight, shadows in still water, and the like, if too eagerly hunted, become shows merely, and mock us with their unreality”(362). Nature has created a mystery for humanity. It’s creating an alluring and mesmerizing piece of art. All the beauty of nature maybe different but all the result or expression can only be describe as perfection.
Still, everything in this world is not perfect, even nature. For so long, nature seemed to be a complete piece of art, but the presence of man changed everything. Oates claims, “ Nature has no instructions for mankind except that our poor beleaguered humanist-democratic way of life, our fantasies of the individual’s high worth, our sense that the weak, no less than the strong, have a right to survive, are absurd” (378-379). Man has literally destroyed nature, invaded its territory, taken over its resources and used its own power to destroy them. They are blowing up mountain for road, cutting down trees to built houses, filling up lakes and seas for more land. Oates states, “This morning, an invasion of tiny black ants. One by one they appear…one by one by one they appear on the dazzling white table and one by one I kill them with a forefinger, my deft right forefinger, mashing each against the surface of the table and then dropping it into a wastebasket at my side” (381-382). As we know, Earth is the only planet known to support life and nature. Plant and animal life is considered natural. It creates food for people to survive and helps people known how to hunt for their own food. The human interrelationship currently affects a large part of nature. Humans employ nature for both leisure and economic activities. They use natural resources for industry, and they use nature as their daily life support.
Emerson’s ideas, about nature, are perfect; however, Oates points are more realistic. Nature needs a blending between good and bad to keep the cycle going. We need to value and respect what we have. Nature is important to us, but without us nature is like a bulb without power. If nature is always perfect or terrible, then mankind won’t exist because man is also playing a role to keep nature alive.