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    common possession - possessive case

    This car is Robert and Nancy`s.
    That car over there is ( ) Lucy and mine
    ( ) mine and Lucy´s
    ( ) Lucy`s and mine.
    Apart from the first one, are any of the other sentences right?

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    Re: common possession - possessive case

    You have it down well.

    When you have two or more names who possess a single item, you only put the possessive apostrophe-s on the last name. The car is Robert and Lucy's.

    When you have two items, of separate possession, then you use: Those drinks on the bar are Robert's and Lucy's.

    When the first person (I / me) is involved, it is always listed last to be polite, so it's The car is Robert's and mine. You noticed the apostrope-s on the first one, otherwise it would come out as The car is Robert and mine's. Gasp!

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