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    condiment = seasonin, relish, flavouring

    Dear teachers, Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am on the right track by the interpretation of the word in bold in the following excerpt from the George Donald’s “Donal Grand”?
    When he had eaten his dinner, its dryness forgotten in the condiment his book supplied, he rose, and taking his cap from his head, filled it from the stream, and drank heartily; then emptied it, shook the last drops from it, and put it again upon his head.condiment = seasoning, flavouring, relish, spiceThank you for your efforts.Regards,V.

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    Re: condiment = seasonin, relish, flavouring

    I love the way they used to talk, or at least write.

    He is suggesting that, fortunately, having his book to read during dinner added spice or flavour to his otherwise unappetizing dinner.

    I wonder why you would be reading 19th century literature, however, if you are trying to learn 21st century English? Nothing wrong with that, but it's not the way the language is spoken today. Some would add, "sadly.

    And if that is your interest, why this rather obscure author? Have you run out of Dickens? Edgar Alan Poe? Mark Twain? There were so many of that era whose works have survived and continue to enrich our language and experience - why George Donald?


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