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    Unhappy Please help! This is urgent.. :(


    I know this is urgent, but I'm begging for your help.
    I'm a 10th grade student from Thailand. :)
    And of course our native language is Thai!

    On Friday I'll have a competition in English, which I'm my school's representative. And, a part of it is to make a speech. I have to admit that I can't speak English correctly, mainly because of the 'accents' and a little bit about pronounciation. I cannot speak English properly with a right accent.

    So what I'm begging you is:
    Please download this file -->
    (Don't worry, no viruses.)

    And please record your voice while you read it.
    I really need an example so I can study how to speak correctly.

    Please help me... seriously and sincerely.
    It'd mean A LOT to me.
    Because this is really important to me. I hope you understand.

    NOTE: I, somehow, need it as soon as possible - and I mean it.
    hopefully within tonight (19 November) Please help!

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    Re: Please help! This is urgent.. :(

    Surely there must be some tourists in your area, having a drink or coffee at a bar/cafe/restaurant. Ask around for someone from England (not the UK because they may be from Wales, Scotland or Ireland and speak with a brogue (marked accent); or from the States; or from Australia or New Zealand. Approach them and they would positively enjoy talking with you and helping you in this simple way.
    (You can go to a few cafes and get more practice with any difficult words.)

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