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    collision - shock


    Is there any difference between "shock" and "collision" in mechanics only?

    Please see following examples:

    The collision (shock)
    between a free-fall hammer of a pile-driver and an elastic pile associated with two bearings.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: collision - shock

    Well, I would say that the collision causes the shock.

    They are one and the same thing, but both part of a process which their existence relies upon.

    The shock is the culmination and result of the forces which led to the collosion.

    However I'm not of a mechanical mind and you could be using the terms in a very specific, technical way of which I am not aware.

    It is difficult to judge the sentence you have presented without having an idea of the context.

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    Re: collision - shock

    Quote Originally Posted by colloquium View Post
    Well, I would say that the collision causes the shock.
    I like this sentence very much. It really helps Thank you very much.

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