Could someone please correct these paragraphs.

U.A.E had many small private driving schools prior to an year. Government has banned all those schools, which were owned by individuals. Those which remained were large organisations, which has several branches. One such reputed organisation is the X Motor Driving Institute, which is meant for both light and heavy types of vehicles. For the light vehicles, this institute offers two categories of classes: shift and regular. Shift is usually meant for those who prefers to take 4 classes per day in a week. The duration of each class is half an hour. Regular students are provided an hour class on alternate days in a week. It is mandatory that every individual must attend forty classes prior to the test. But this regulation is different for those holding driving license back in their home country, which requires to attend only twenty classes.

Once registered, either the students will be provided with the schedule immediately or they will have to wait for a certain period, say 1 to 2 weeks, to get the same. The latter happens only when the instructors are not available. Students have to give the parking test soon after the 8th class. Once they have passed the test, they will be allowed to drive on the main road. After twenty plus classes, most students are instructed to take the assessment test, which determines whether the classes need to be extended or not. The failed students need to take 10 more classes alongwith the forty classes. The successful ones can attend the lecture class, which is necessary for taking the signal test. Once the signal test is over, and the students are done with the prescribed classes, they will be given the date for the road test.