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    Urgent !! need help for my Motivation Letter

    Please help me to check my Motivation Letter!!!!
    It is urgent!!
    i am applying for *** university !! please help me chech my my motivation letter such as grammar, structure, errors and so on.
    i am really appreciate your comment!!

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology at xxxUniversity and am writing to express my great interest in applying for the Master's Program in Networks and Distributed Systems at xxx University.

    In 2004 I enrolled in the Computer Science and Technology course and since then I have been fascinated by these technologies in general and computers in particular. I possess a great thirst for knowledge and learning new disciplines and inspired by the subjects complexity and beauty.

    I am particularly interested in Algorithm and being a composed and explicit person, I enjoy the challenge of questions with unequivocal answers. My character’s orderly side draws me enthusiastically towards neat solutions. In my opinion every query has an explicit solution; we just need to construct ways of attaining them. I still remember those days I tried hard to solve the classical problem--N-QUEENS problem. During this period, my programming skills improved considerably. I also enjoy mathematics as it provides me with problem solving skills primarily Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorial Mathematics and its identities which for me is the pinnacle of mathematics. I am really enjoy programming in C++ , JAVA and other programming languages and I think that C++ is one of the most fabulous and powerful programming languages in the world . When I was a Sophomore, I attended in the programming contest organized by the university, which is similar to ACM. Our team was trained for several months. During this period, my programming skills and problem analysis and solving ability had considerable improvements .Finally, we got the third prize.

    Internet is a field that always fascinates me. During the past two or three decades, because of the appearance of Internet, our society has been changed dramatically. Now people’s lives are closely related with Internet. After reading " Computer Networks: A System Approach" by Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie, my knowledge about Networking developed significantly and I began to realize how important it is to divide complicate problems into smaller and easier ones. However, I find that there are still many things I want to learn. So I decide to do my further study in the area.

    In our modern world, distributed systems are becoming increasing important as a result of prevalence of Internet. Recently, I heard a new concept "Cloud Computing" which raised my interest to distributed systems. I built an online testing system by Client/Server approach. Last year I involved a project which aimed to produce an online community service system. I think these experiences will hope me a lot in the future research. However, I find my knowledge about distributed systems is too limited. I am eager to learn more about this area, so this becoming one of the most important reasons I chose Networks and Distributed Systems Program.

    Overall, I believe that the Networks and Distributed Systems Masters program from 2009-2011 perfectly suits my study interests.

    Please feel free to contact me if you require any further details or documents. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

    My best regards.
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