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    Please correct the sentence:

    Dear Teacher,

    In an official advertisement, it says:

    Candidates who are selected for interviews will normally receive invitations within two months from the closing date for applications. For enquiries, please telephone Mr X at (tel. no.).

    It seems that the writer puts all the proper nouns in the first sentence in plural form because the sentence relates to the "candidates". Is it a good sentence? I'm most grateful for your advice!

    Best regards,

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    Re: Please correct the sentence:

    (Not a teacher)

    The sentence could have been written in two ways. The writer chose to treat the candidate as a group, so multiple candidates are selected for interviews and receive invitations. One can also consider each candidate individually, so each is selected for an interview and receives an invitation. Both of these sound fine to me.

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    Re: Please correct the sentence:

    (Not a teacher)


    After I posted my first answer it occurred to me that sometimes candidates have multiple interviews, and possibly that is the case here. If so, it would be better to use the plural "interviews" and "invitations" as the writer did.

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