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    hot and hot

    What if I'm eating a food that is hot in temperture and hot in taste(sweet, sour, salty, bitter, hot)

    Do I say , It's hot and hot? Is there any other way to say hot?

    Let's say hot pepper soup
    It's hot and hot? Is this correct? I think it's hard to understand

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    Re: hot and hot

    you should say its hot & sour. {hot for temp. & sour 4 taste}

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    Re: hot and hot

    Your question made me chuckle, because as long as I can remember if I ever commented "this food is hot!" my younger brother would always ask "Do you mean thermodynamically or spiciness-wise?"

    Technically speaking, there is no common or simple way to express both the extreme temperature and spice of a food other than describing both as "hot." Sometimes folks serving the food will amplify and comment along the lines of, "This just came out of the oven, so it is very hot, be careful. Oh, and I should warn you that I put jalapeno peppers in the recipe, so it may be a bit spicy!"

    But ultimately it is not uncommon for someone to take a bite out of a jalapeno popper and burn their tongue on the melted cheese, and then immediately afterward experience a burning sensation from the capsaicin in the peppers and just summarize the overall experience with a heartfelt "These are HOT!"


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