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    Pluralizing last names

    I never paid much attention to the part in English where you pluralized last names since my maiden name ended with an "r". I now have the last name of Stokes. How do I pluralize it for customization of stuff? Like if I wanted my family name on a door mat...should it read "The Stokes'", "The Stokeses", "The Stokes's", or "The Stokes". I have avoided it thus far by simply put "The Stokes Family" on everything. I can't get away with it much longer!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Pluralizing last names

    Please see your initial post on this topic.

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    A clarification

    Dear Casiopea, I have sent you a message, but probably I have done a mistake and you didn't get it. So, I'm trying this way...

    You told me to use " I wish I HAD BOUGHT a new car" instead of " I wish I BOUGHT a new car"; but I was referring to a present situation, not to the past.
    What do you think? Does the sentence " I wish I bought a new car" sound strange to you for some reason? Please tell me your opinion.
    When you read the sentence you changed the simple past into the the past perfect; so I think my original sentence didn't convey the right idea, or better, the idea I had in mind ( that is the reference to the present) and that I wanted to express. It's really important for me.

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    Re: A clarification

    Please check your messages.
    I sent you a reply. SMILES

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