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    Question Time Reference (past progressive/Future)

    Hi , please can you check the following questions if I have answered them correct . I can't find material on this area of grammar.

    Look at these four sentences using the past progressive and decide which one expresses:
    a) two continuous actions happening at the same time.
    b) something interrupting a continuous action.
    c) a continuous action at an unspecified time.
    d) an action which was in progress, but began before a specified time.

    1) I was watching a film and talking on the telephone.

    MY ANSWER: two continuous actions happening at the same time.

    2) I was having a shower when the doorbell rang.

    MY ANSWER: something interrupting a continuous action.

    3) I was working on my assignment all night.

    MY ANSWER: a continuous action at an unspecified time.
    Question 2

    Decide which function is correct in these sentences using 'will' and 'going to'.

    Future intention -Future possibility- Future event with present evidence-

    Prediction- Definite future event

    1) The dam is going to break!

    MY ANSWER : Definite future event

    2) I'm going to visit her tonight.

    MY ANSWER: Future intention

    3) He'll be 18 on Saturday.

    MY ANSWER: Future event with present evidence

    4) I'll probably go to India in the summer.

    MY ANSWER: Future possibility

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Time Reference (past progressive/Future)

    Hello Moreen,

    I have a comment regarding Task (2).
    In my opinion, you should swap the functions assigned to 1) and 3).

    When someone says: 'The dam is going to break', there must be some evidence to such prediction (extraordinarily high water level, even cracks in the dam wall), although it's not quite clear from the context. On the other hand, 'He'll be 18 on Saturday' is a definite future event (if anything about the future can be certain at all. But that's philosophy.)

    Apart from the above, I think your classification of the various future activities / events is OK.

    All the best,

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