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Thread: Rolling Eyes

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    Thumbs down Rolling Eyes

    Hi all,

    I wonder what people think the rolling eyes smiley means.
    It has a negative effect on me. Rolling your eyes at someone is rude.
    I hope this icon does not give anyone the impression that you're meant to roll your eyes when you ask a question in English society.

    Here are some more opinions:
    Urban Dictionary
    rolling eyes
    Condescension, contempt, boredom, or exasperation.
    Nancy was rolling eyes during the entire conversation with her headmaster.

    Eye rolling expresses disrespect.:
    "Stop Rolling Your Eyes at Me!"

    John McCain [loser] (video)
    McCain Rolling Eyes Gif - Funny McCain Gif
    This sort of contempt for his opponent saw him lose the election.
    It's easy to click on this icon when asking a question.
    It's harder to give a polite answer with this icon making a contemptuous gesture at you.

    (I know I'm not the only one who dislikes this icon).
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    Re: Rolling Eyes

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymott View Post

    John McCain [loser] (video)
    McCain Rolling Eyes Gif - Funny McCain Gif
    This sort of contempt for his opponent saw him lose the election.
    He looks very funny from the linked page.

    This icon means to me like someone is thinking about something and rolling cute little eyes.

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    Re: Rolling Eyes

    There's a lot of difference between 'rolling your eyes at someone', and giving an icon a succinct name 'rolling eyes'. Actually, the eyes don't rotate - they blink, then roll up into reflective mood. I think it's cute too. Suggests 'bewilderment' to me.

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    Re: Rolling Eyes

    I don't use it very often but use it when there is something to note in the post above- a sort of 'check it out' rather than an expression of contempt, etc.

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