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    What / that

    I very often make mistake here.
    In the grammar books, each of them is described in its own context but not in situation you have to choose.

    example : " And we'll take all what's left" or "and we'll take all that's left".
    I've heard "what" is supposed to refer to an unknown element.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: What / that

    Here, the element is known, but the quantity/number isn't.

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    Re: What / that

    I had a look at "Cambridge for learners"
    They use some nice trick : what = the thing that...
    I use it too...

    So here " We'll take all "the thing that"is left"?
    And it gives : we'll take all what's left...

    BUT, if we know what's left, and of course we do, is it " We take all that's left"?

    Thank you for your "feedback"...


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