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    fall off the bike

    Is it right to say He fell (down) from the bike? If not, in what situations can I use fall from?

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    Re: fall off the bike

    Fall off
    a bike
    a horse
    a bar stool

    Fall from
    a great height
    a position of power
    the top of _____

    She fell off her horse.
    She was injured in a fall from her horse.

    He fell off the rocky ledge.
    He fell from the rocky ledge (into the chasm).

    Fall down

    She fell down. or She fell. (onto the pavement, etc.)
    He fell down the stairs.


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    Re: fall off the bike

    The normal collocation with "fall" (in the context of bikes) is "off". Fall from works with "grace"; to 'fall from grace' is to become suddenly unpopular. No other 'fall from' springs to mind, except for contexts where the "fall" and the "from" just happen to be next to each other, as in a case like 'sales fell from a high of 1.000 units per calendar month'.


    PS *Not just 'grace' but any position of prominence, either physical or metaphorical - examples: 'fall from the sky/roof/cliff-edge, or 'fall from power'.
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