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    prior - specific meaning


    Can anybody explaing the meaning of the word 'prior' in the following contexts. I've checked a number of dictionaries but they only provide standard definitions.

    Given a reasonable sized sample, there are lots of diffuse

    For some problems, invariant priors are used, with the best
    invariant prior being the right invariant Haar measure for
    the transformation group. Priors should be looked upon as
    weight functions, rather than belief, and hence can have an
    infinite integral.

    The problem with this interpretation is that any prior will have the
    same effect, so there would be no such thing as a non-informative prior.
    As non-informative priors do exist, and are discussed in the
    literature, they do exist.

    Prior variances were chosen so that neither priors nor data dominate solutions, except for heterosis whose variances were chosen such that most weight was on the priors.

    Autoregressive prior for year within breed effects.


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    Re: prior - specific meaning

    You are right! This is a very specific use of the word prior and it seems to be a term used in a certain field, a "buzzword" known only in a certain industry.


    Try Googling it with its subject name, for example:
    medical priors
    engineering priors
    mathematical priors

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    Re: prior - specific meaning

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