Dear Sir or Madam

Could youassest this writing task,please? as i have Cambridge ESOL Exmainations known as First Certificate in English .

Task Type :Report
Quetion :

A group of young people from another country will be coming to stay in your home town for 3 months .You have been asked to write a report for the organising committee about the best places for young people to have fun in your area .
Write a report for the committee ( around 120-180 words ).

Answer :

To: The organising Committee
From: Rasha Abdelmoety
Subject : The Best Places For Young People in Crawley .

This report aims to recommend some places for young people where it might be suitable for them to enjoy their times and have some fun .

1- County Mall :

This mall has been bulit since one year and i go everyweekend .It is provided with the latest facilities like cafes , story car parks ,and some book shops for those interested in reading .It aslo has about 200 shops from the top brands such as Guess ,Disney and Nicke .So,It is a good place for young people for going shopping and day-out times .

2- Sports Club :

It is called "K2 " which stands for the first letter of the name of the area .I have a membership since its opening .It has different kinds of sports that fit young people from areobics classes to Gym and swimming .Swimming Pools are always in tip-top condition and Gym has been provided with the latest equipments .So,it is best choice for a healthy lifestyle .

3- Recommendations :

To conclude this repot, i would like to recommend "sports club" and "county Mall " as the best places in my local area .Definitely ,it could be enjoyable for young people to visit these places and it is really worth in seeing .Iam sure that these places will be permanent choice in forthcoming visits.