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    Gut someone bow to stern?

    In PrisonBreak Season 1 episode 3, T-bag, after his boyfriend was killed, said he was gonna gut Michael bow to stern as soon as he saw him. What does he mean, especially by the "bow to stern" part? Could anyone be good enough to enlighten me? Thanks!

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    Re: Gut someone bow to stern?

    Hi Sisy-luo

    The "bow", pronounced as in immitating a dog barking "bow-wow", is the front end of a ship.
    The "stern" is the back end of a ship.

    Hence, "from bow to stern" means from front to back, or, in your case, effectively "from head to toe".

    Hope this helps

    PS Please can you properly identify your origins/1st language. It helps people to help you, as they can identify the context of your postings.

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    Re: Gut someone bow to stern?

    He will cut him open from the neck downwards.

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