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    "Class" with a capital "K" "slip five"

    it`s Veronica Mars again.

    What does "Class" with a capital "K" and "roofied" mean? i guess it refers to some kind of drug.

    script goes...
    VERONICA: How's it hangin', Tad? Let me guess: uncomfortable?
    TAD: I guess you and Carmen got those bikers to put me up here.
    VERONICA: I had nothing to do with putting you up here. But [reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her knife] I might be convinced to help you get down.
    TAD: What do you want from me, bitch? You destroyed my life. You took away the only person that I ever loved.
    VERONICA: I don't recall forcing you to send that video.
    TAD: No, she did. She left me.
    VERONICA: And what good did sending it do?
    TAD: Who's gonna wanna touch her now? You know, if I can't have her, no one can.
    VERONICA: You are so lucky she has a better soul than I do because I would have taken you down with me.
    TAD: So what are you gonna cut me down if I apologise, is that it?
    VERONICA: Nope. [Getting up on the plinth] I just want a simple answer to a simple question. Who gave you the rohypnol the night of Shelly Pomeroy's party. Yeah, I know. You roofied your girlfriend. "Class" with a capital "K".
    TAD: I-I don't remember.
    VERONICA: In about five minutes, people are gonna start showing up for school and unless you want your [points with her knife hand at his genitals] little business to be the first thing they see, you're gonna tell me who gave you the roofies.
    TAD: There weren't any roofies. It was GHB. It was Logan Echolls. He gave it to

    and also i`d like to know the meaning of ”Slip five" . Thanks.

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    Re: "Class" with a capital "K" "slip five"

    'roofies' is the street name for rohypnol.
    To say to a person that they have 'class' or 'charisma' with a capital C, or 'style' with a capital S, is to emphasize just how Stylish, full of Class or Charisma they are. Note also, "He's trouble with a capital T", which is not a compliment!

    'class' is spelt with a 'c'. So, if you tell someone they have 'class with a capital K', you are actually saying the opposite - they don't have Class. It's like Klass is some Frankenstein's monster of a distortion of the word 'class' - and so is their style and manner compared to people who really do have Class!

    GHB: take your pick:

    What is GHB?
    What is GHB? A modern rave party scene drug used to get high. Also used as a date rape drug. It can kill.
    What is GHB? - 48k

    BBC NEWS | Health | GHB: Unpredictable club drug
    29 Jun 2003 ... GHB is widely known as a 'date rape' drug, but its most common use by far is in clubs, where it is raising serious concerns. - 38k - Cached - Similar pages
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