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    Unhappy Its Urgent,Invitation Letter Required..

    Hi,Dear Friends I Want To Invite My Friend To Visit Pakistan,My Friend Is living in Denmark,And I Want To Invite Him To Visit,So Whats Format To Write Invitation Letter To Embassy,For Visiting,Not for Bussiness..I Find one letter but that letter is for Bussiness invite,But i want Visiting Me,Help me its urgent...Thankx

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    Re: Its Urgent,Invitation Letter Required..

    Welcome to the forums.

    If your friend is coming on a personal visit, he will surely be able to come on a tourist/visitor visa, so should not need a letter to the Embassy. I would ask him to check what he needs to apply for a visitor's visa.

    nb: Only the first word in a sentence, proper names and the personal pronoun "I" must have a starting capital letter.

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