Please, could you correct my mistakes?

Childhood is a magic period of our life, which seems to pass in no time because of that kind of naivety, which haunts children. They grow up in an imaginary world, which gives them a certain peace of mind that nobody except them can understand.

It was in that imaginary world that I found the games I played when I was a child. I represented the living proof that toys were not essential to children in order that they had fun! I discovered, as the years went by, that we could do so many things with our mind than with objectsÖ

My room could represent a class as a hospital. My houseís back courtyard was sometimes a desert, and other times a jungle. I didnít need any accessories, things took place in my head because of my fertile imagination. Sometimes, I didnít even feel the need to talk because every actions happened in my mind. Therefore, never during my childhood I was bored thanks to my sister, with was my games partner, and my imagination, which always kept me nimble.

My sister represented, for me, the better friend I never had because we shared the same ideas, the same mind. As me, she liked to invent her games world, which changed, evolved, as the days went by because of the new knowledge she acquired. That knowledge touched (concerned) her moral aspect (her manners) as much as her know-how. The same situation happened to me, which allowed my sister and me to become in no time responsible and realist facing to the different events that life puts on our way. In short, we sponged off our childlike mind while it was still time, which allowed us to make the most of that unique period of our life.

In conclusion, concerning that field, I was a dirt cheap child!